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Active User Percentages All Bands

Active User Percentages All Bands

User Story: I can find out the percentage split of Users by Country and Department across all modalities, at each one of four activity thresholds.

This report tells me:

  • The percentage of ‘Very High’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ activity Users of e.g. Chat Messages, at Country and Department level
  • How the split of modalities changes at each activity threshold
  • Which Departments are included in the ‘Low’ vs ‘Very High’ activity threshold for Meetings

Summary information changes dynamically as activity thresholds are changed, and filters applied.
Drill through to see which Users fall into each Country/Department’s activity threshold for Chat or Team Messages, Calls and Meetings. Understand the mix of activity by Department at different activity thresholds to inform engagement models by business function (use cases). Compare countries by activity threshold relative to User numbers.

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