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Teamwork Analytics Overview

Microsoft Teams offers powerful benefits to organisations, but it can be challenging to fully adopt, govern, maintain and realise these benefits, particularly in large organisations.

Microsoft Teams user experience is at its best when users embrace the complete feature set, when teams are active and well maintained, and when calls and meetings are quality experiences.

Modality Teamwork Analytics uses data-driven automation to drive these results and reduce IT operational costs.

Modality Teamwork Analytics automation, alerting and reporting for Microsoft Teams to

  1. Drive productive adoption
  2. Ensure governance and compliance through Lifecycle management
  3. Promote quality call and meeting experiences

To drive adoption, targeted automated teams messages are sent to users to encourage them to use the features such as video or channel collaboration. In-depth reporting allows Change teams to know how Teams is being used, including the levels of engagement between countries or departments.

Automated governance messages can request agreements to policies, gather additional information and prompt users who fall outside best practices or policies. All whilst not getting in the way of a user getting their job done.

Good call and meeting experiences are more important than ever. Through automation Teamwork Analytics messages users to ensure they use the certified device, not their laptop mic and speakers, and if they have persistent quality issues, we send them tips about how to get the best network connectivity.

Complete clear visibility of adoption, governance and performance is provided by detailed Power BI reporting.

Modality’s Teamwork Analytics supports organisations with hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Teams users all over the world, driving adoption and managing the entire lifecycle of Teams to ensure best practice, governance, and security.

Teamwork Analytics can be run by Modality in Azure as software as a service (SaaS), run by Modality on a customer tenant in a CSP subscription, or entirely controlled within a customer azure tenant.

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