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Deploy Automation App (Bot) into Microsoft Teams

Automation is for proactively sending people Teams messages based on Teamwork Analytics data. This could be activity reports, compliance breaches, or ways to improve call quality. 

In order to send messages to your end users, the Teamwork Automation app (a Microsoft Teams App) needs to be uploaded to your organisation’s Apps section within Microsoft Teams.

Before you start

Download the latest Automation manifest file – this will be named Automation-Manifest-[version].zip.

You don’t need to extract the .zip file, it is uploaded in this format.

NOTE: Some of the steps below require making changes to policies your Microsoft Online Tenant which can sometimes take a few hours to take effect.


  1. In the Teams Admin Center, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.
  2. Click Upload, click Select a file, and then select the Automation manifest zip file.

3. Find “Teamwork Automation” in the list and select it to see properties.

4. Copy this App ID and send to your Modality contact or software.support@nasstar.com – this is required for provisioning on the Modality software platform.

Allow app to be installed within Microsoft Teams

Now that the App has been added to your Microsoft Teams Tenant, your policies may need to be adjusted to allow it to be installed by users.

  1. From the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, under Teams apps click Permission policies

2. By default there is a single “Global” app permission policy. If there are other polices here, you may need to review their settings and scope to allow the Teamwork Automation app for the intended end users.

3. Make sure the Custom apps policy is set to “Allow all apps”, or “Allow specific apps and block all others”, with the Teamwork Automation app included.

You can find more information on uploading a custom app and the policies that control it on Microsoft Docs.

Install the app for end users

Finally, we can push the app to end users’ personal Teams environment rather than require them to find and install it.

  1. From the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, under Teams apps click Setup policies.

2. You may choose to change the default “Global” policy, or create a new policy for pilot/test. Under Installed apps, add the Teamwork Automation app and Save.

3. If you created a new policy for pilot/test, don’t forget to assign it to your pilot users via Manage users. 

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