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Teamwork Analytics Alerting

Teamwork Analytics Alerting is based on Azure Logic Apps. We use SQL queries to alert on any scenario and leverage logic app connectors for alerts.

  • Proactively call out degraded areas of Teams calls & meetings
  • Reduce your average time to action by supporting and getting information to your Operations, IT or specialist teams
  • Reduce negative experiences, be aware of the situation rather than just responding to it
  • Identify any negative impact on your high profile users
  • Determine when local or remote worker home networks are causing issues

Extensive alerting capability, including:

  • High call and meeting failures – setup or mid-call drops, with failure reasons
  • Quality issues – KPIs such as high packet loss, jitter, RTT that relate to a poor quality experience
  • Device impact – devices that are commonly causing audio quality issues (uncertified, or not optimised)
  • Connection issues – wired and WiFi, network ports
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