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Calls and Meetings – Subnet Mapping

To enhance the data around calls and meetings, building / subnet information can be added. This allows easier understanding of where (network / floor / building / city) Teams calls are being made, and to aggregate streams to see which parts of the network may need attention.

Teamwork Analytics uses the same subnet and building data format as Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD). Refer here for fields: Upload tenant and building data in Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs 

You can use the template below, save out as a .csv file. Please send to your Modality / Nasstar contact, or software.support@nasstar.com for it to be uploaded to your reports.

Guidance / notes

  • Teams reports on the endpoint IP address, so try to cover all subnets where computers, phones, meeting rooms and other devices are used for making Teams calls or joining Teams meetings.
  • Ideally this is at the smallest subnets in use (eg. London Floor 5 WiFi) rather than a supernet that covers a whole site, to more easily identify issues.
  • VPN subnets should be included, and any subnets outside the corporate network that are frequently used (eg. a field office with just internet).
  • Subnets in the file must not overlap or the validation will fail.
  • As new networks are added or changes are made, the file should be updated and re-uploaded in Teamwork Analytics.
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