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KPI Streams


This report allows you to pay particular attention to the aggregation of the KPI data into a grouping or “bin” of the values for each KPI, associated to stream counts.

The report shows an individual view of each of the Microsoft Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Use ‘Select Range’ slider per KPI; for example, limiting to a view of streams between 10% and 100% packet loss.

Learn more about network KPIs and the effect they have on calls.

Use the date, Active Directory and Call Type slicers at the top of the report to limit to a particular area of interest. Further advanced filtering can be carried out using the Filter pane on the right hand side.

This report tells me

Summary counts of calls, meetings and streams

Summary of each KPI

  • Average and maximum packet loss, jitter and round trip

Number of Streams by KPI

  • Average and Maximum Packet loss Rates by Grouping (bins), highest values or as per selected range

Number of Streams by KPI Exceeded

  • The average and maximum packet loss, jitter and round trip rates grouped into exceeded and not exceeded streams


Use the KPI tabs in the top left corner to switch the view between Packet Loss, Jitter and Round Trip Time.

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