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How to navigate Power BI Reports

How to use the Power BI Reports

Once installed, the app will show in your Power BI Apps list:

Clicking it will open the Getting Started dialog. Choose the Explore with sample data button. We have pre-populated the app with sample data to enable you to explore the app.

You can explore the app using the navigation on the left hand side:

Things to try


You can filter information using the top bar. For instance, on the Housekeeping page, try changing the Country dropdown to Australia. All other visuals on the page will change to now only show information about Teams related to users with their country set to Australia.

Visual Filtering

You can also click on visuals to set filters. Try clicking the Teams and Owners ring to only show Teams with One Owner. The list of Teams will now only show those Teams which need remediation (based on best practice to have more than 1 Team owner).


Some pages support Drillthrough, enabling you to move between different reports to gain more detail. Start with the Interactions page. Choose a country from the top-left visual, for instance Australia. Let’s say you are interesed in knowing more about the message usage for Australia. Right-click on the Australia slice and choose Drillthrough > Month on Month Graph. This shows more detail about usage in Australia.


When looking at graphs, you can also use insights to attempt to explain changes. Right-click on a point in a graph, choose Analyze > Explain:

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