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Location Quality


I can see the poor streams ratio for audio, video and sharing streams in a simple gauge visual format. 

Microsoft recommend 3% as a starting target for poor streams, and this will be in the green range of each gauge. 3-6% will be in amber, over 6% into red.

The lower pane shows for each AD department / city / country the total and poor streams for each media type. The last three columns for poor % are colour coded allowing easy identification of areas where performance drops below 3% poor. Using the AD / Building switch this can be changed to Building name / city / country instead.

Use the date, Active Directory and Call Type slicers at the top of the report to limit to a particular area of interest. Further advanced filtering can be done using the Filter pane on the right hand side.

This report tells me

Top pane

  • Good classified streams – number of streams and percentage of total
  • Impacted classified streams – number of streams and percentage of total 
  • Poor classified streams – number of streams and percentage of total 
  • Mean MSS (Modality Stream Score) – mean average of stream scores
  • Mean PL (Modality Stream Score, only considering packet loss) – mean average of stream scores 
  • Mean Jitter (Modality Stream Score, only considering jitter) –  mean average of stream scores 
  • Mean RTT (Modality Stream Score, only considering round-trip times) – mean average of stream scores 

Poor Audio Streams Ratio

  • Percentage of audio streams classified as poor

Poor Video Streams Ratio

  • Percentage of video streams classified as poor

Poor Sharing Streams Ratio

  • Percentage of sharing streams classified as poor

AD locations by poor media stream ratios

  • Active Directory Department
  • Active Directory City
  • Active Directory Country
  • Count of total audio streams
  • Count of poor audio streams
  • Count of total video streams
  • Count of poor video streams
  • Count of total sharing streams
  • Count of poor sharing streams
  • Audio Poor %
  • Video Poor %
  • Sharing Poor %


This report can also be used to find the largest groups of users by number of audio, video or sharing streams. For example, to find the department using most video. click on the Video Streams column header to sort by this value.

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