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Activity Counts Weekly

Activity Counts Weekly

User Story: I can find out how many Chat and Team Messages, Calls and Meetings there are per week and review change over time.

This report tells me:

  • How much each modality is being used
  • Whether there’s a pattern of engagement by week, indicating behavioural change.
  • Each trend line can be analysed to show which factor(s) most influenced WoW change, such as an decrease in activity from a particular office, or increased engagement at ‘Very High’ level.

Trend lines can be compared with Weekly Active Users to understand periods of high activity within the User base, and filtered to Country, City, Department or Location for deeper analysis. Review activity over a 3 month period, referring to daily average per week. Begin to understand seasonality. Is the shape of the activity count graph the same as the user count, or do the proportions change (productivity/inefficiency)?
If there’s a downturn in Calls and Meetings, but not in Messages – what does this mean? Does it correlate with holiday periods, where meetings and calls would be poorly attended, or is there a problem with shadow IT and old behaviours creeping in?

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