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Meetings with Failures


Failures are an important aspect of Meeting performance which is vital to an optimal user experience.

This report enables meeting reliability investigations across your organisation, categorised by failure stage.

  1. Setup failures: The meeting couldn’t be established
  2. Mid-Call failures: The meeting was established but unexpectedly terminated

Easily distinguish Tenant Calls with and without failures to investigate the percentage of overall setup failures in your organisation, then prioritise areas for further investigation based on date, meeting volume and failure stage.

This report reduces Mean Time to Information and Mean Time to Knowledge (MTTI and MTTK).

Microsoft Call records API provides failure reasons where possible; these are grouped into setup and mid-call failure reasons.

An example failure reason is: “MissingFWIPBlockExemptionRule”, indicating a network equipment along the path that prevented the media path from being established to the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 network. This might be due to proxy or firewall rules not being correctly configured to allow access to IP addresses and ports used for Teams.

Failures can occur for a variety of reasons; examples include:
– Network equipment or network path preventing media establishment
– Packet Inspection, network shapers or deep inspection rules
– Firewalls or proxies being miss-configured e.g. port, IP or rule restrictions, access restricted or redirected
– Network bandwidth, queueing or wrong prioritisation of traffic
– User behaviour. For example, a user who puts their laptop to sleep (by closing the lid) without exiting the call can be classified as an unexpected call drop

Use the date, Active Directory, Stage and Connection filters at the top of the report to limit to a particular area of interest. Further advanced filtering can carried out by using the filter pane on the right hand side.

This report tells me

Calls tab


  • Summary total count and % of Meetings with and without failures
  • Summary total count % of Meetings with failures at setup and mid-call stage

Calls with Failures – Callers/Callees:

  • Wired connections
  • WiFi connections

Tenant Meetings with and without failures
Tenant Meetings with failure reason, per setup/mid-call failures
Tenant Meetings with failures by setup/mid-call stage

All of the above can be filtered to show Wired only, or WiFi only.

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