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OneConsultation V2 Known Issues

Date AddedComponent AffectedDetails of the issueNext steps
6 July 2022Patient & Clinician user experienceWhen a 3rd party is added to the call using the External Share URL, they are not entered visible to the clinician running the meetingFix currently being worked on by Nasstar – date for resolution is tbc
3 February 2022Patient PortalWhen joining using the External share URL, it just hangs on the entry screen and the user never joins the consultation.Resolved – fix deployed
3 February 2022Patient PortalWhen joining via a URL generated by the Share button in a SMS message, the call is disconnected after approx. 30 secondsResolved – fix deployed
3 February 2022Patient PortalThe notification that a clinician has started recording does not appearResolved – fix deployed
3 February 2022Patient PortalNo way to scroll back through the text chat transcript once it goes off the initial pageResolved – fix deployed
3 February 2022
Patient PortalWhen joining using via Safari on iPhone and a clinician shares screen, content does not appear for patient until you change the orientation from portrait to landscape and then it works as expected.Resolved
3 February 2022Admin PortalNeed to remove the recordings button when moving to V2Fix will be applied by Nasstar when customer has fully migrated to V2 of OneConsultation
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