Operations Governance and Security

Focussing on Operational and Governance aspects of Microsoft Teams Usage and Compliance of Use in accordance with Company Policies

Report List

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1. Housekeeping
Reporting on Team details and highlighting areas that may require attention by IT admins to ensure Teams Usage adheres to Company Policies

2. Public/Private/Hidden Teams
Reporting on Public and Private Teams and the number of Channels, Owners and Members and messages in each.

3. Team Owners
Reporting on Teams and Owners

4. Inactive Teams
Reporting on inactive Teams

5. Unowned Teams
Reporting on unowned Teams

6. Guest Access
Reporting on Teams that have Guest Members

7. Guest Access in Public Teams
Reporting on Public Teams that have Guest Members

8. Governance Reporter
Reporting to help identify possible governance and Company compliance issues such as duplicated Team names, public Teams with Guests, etc. using a set of binary filters

9. Team Changes
Reporting on Users leaving or removed from Teams and Teams and Channels that have been deleted

10. App Usage
Reporting focussed on App Usage across Teams

11. Teams Files
Reporting focused on Files used within Teams

12. Files Shared Outside Team
Reporting focused on Files shared outside of Teams


For more information about the additonal Advanced reports see here.