Advanced Reports

A set of advanced reports mostly using time comparisons displaying how recent usage compares with historic usage and the trend current usage is taking, up or down.

Report List

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1. Advanced: Trends All Time
2. Advanced: Trends by Month
3. Advanced: Month on Month User
4. Advanced: Message Trends
5. Advanced: Mention Trends
6. Advanced: Team Activity
7. Usage Over Time
8. Country Interaction
9. City Interaction
10. Office Interaction
11. Department Interaction
12. Domain interaction
13. Department/Guest Domain Interaction
14. Guest Domain interaction
15. Top Teams Usage by Country
16. Top Teams Usage by City
17. Top Teams Usage by Office
18. Top Teams Usage by Department
19. Top Teams Usage by Domain
20. Top Teams Usage by Adoption Group
21. Month on Month Trend
22. Month on Month Graph
23. Interactions
24. About