Modality Yammer Usage

Thank you for installing the Modality Yammer Usage Power BI app.

This application reports on information from the Modality Teamwork Analytics data engine. It comes pre-installed with demo data, allowing you to navigate the app and explore how the app visualises Yammer information to improve user adoption and enhance corporate social efforts. If you have already have Teamwork Analytics deployed, follow the deployment instructions below to connect these reports to your data. If, after reviewing the demo, you wish to proceed to purchase Teamwork Analytics for use with your own data, or deploy a trial in your tenant please contact us for further details. Read more about the Teamwork Analytics suite.

How to use the app

Once installed, the app will show in your Power BI Apps list:

alt text

Clicking it will open the Getting Started dialog. Choose the Explore with sample data button. We have pre-populated the app with sample data to enable you to explore the app.

alt text

You can explore the app using the navigation on the left hand side:


Things to try


You can filter information using the top bar. For instance, on the Summary page, try changing the Country dropdown to Australia. All other visuals on the page will change to now only show information about Yammer related to users with their country set to Australia.

Visual Filtering

You can also click on visuals to set filters. Try clicking the Top Departments by Posted Messages in the last 30 days ring to only show Consulting(UK). The list of users and locations will now only show Yammer usage for that specific department.


When looking at graphs, you can also use insights to attempt to explain changes. Right-click on a point in a graph, choose Analyze > Explain:

alt text

How to connect the app to your data

This step requires you to have the Modality Teamwork Analytics data engine. For more information please contact us or find out more here > Read more about the Teamwork Analytics suite.

Once you have configured the Teamwork Analytics data collection engine for your environment you can connect the PowerBi app to your live data. To do this go click the app again in your Power BI Apps list. When the prompt appears, this time click Connect your data button.

You will then be prompted to enter the connection details for your server and database.

alt text

When prompted enter your database connection credentials. Set the Privacy level setting for this data source according to your requirements for sharing data in your organization, or if not sure set to ‘None’

alt text

Once connected you can proceed to the reports as before, but now you should be seeing information from your environment.