CustomInvite Technical Documentation

The CustomInvite Technical Documentation site provides access to all of the information you will need to successfully setup and configure CustomInvite.

For more general and non-technical information about the problems that CustomInvite solves and how it can add value to your organisation, visit the CustomInvite page on the Modality Systems main website.

What is CustomInvite?

CustomInvite by Modality Systems is an Outlook VSTO add-in that can customise the layout of the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meeting invitation.

The traditional approach to online meeting invitations is that one size fits all customer requirements and meeting types. This approach worked for audio conference calls where there was only one way that someone could join. CustomInvite gives you the ability to control messaging given the different audiences and context of the online meetings.

CustomInvite allows you to:

What will I find on this site?

Here you’ll find:

Admin Guide

A full admin guide for CustomInvite including:


Enterprise Management


Freqeuently Asked Questions